Quail Haven Ranch

Jessica M. Satzke: ​Agreed! Gracey our yellow is from Quail Haven and Kona our chocolate is related and from Ricochet Labs! Both our wonderful baby girls.​---->

<---Jasmine Erica: I agree! Most beautiful labs ever! But we are biased......Jade is only 9 months​ and we adore her!

Jason Moore.....maybe it's time to get her a sister?!?!?! One

brunette and a blonde? Whatcha think?

Guille Suarez: Thank you LeeSa for being a true caring breeder. We very much valued you advise throughout ​----> Harley's first year...You're awesome!                           

<----Krista Hamilton: I love my baby Duke from Quail Haven Ranch.

<----Nancy Yani: Best breeder ever! We love our boy Charlie!